Quebec Business Immigration

People with a very high net worth or are having business or entrepreneurs and wants to migrate to Canada by becoming permanent residents of Canada with the intention to stay in the province are selected by the Quebec province. Upon successful selection of candidates, Quebec province will issue a Certificate of Selection of Quebec (CSQ) to applicants.

The Quebec government selects business people, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals wishing to become Canadian permanent residents and settle in the province.

Following the acceptance of their application, successful candidates will receive a Certificate of Selection of Quebec (CSQ) and will be able to submit a permanent residence application to the federal government.

There are three streams available in Quebec for business people. They are:

  • Entrepreneur Program
  • Investor Program
  • Self Employed Worker Program

There are two streams for this program available. Candidates have to qualify either one of the streams.

Stream 1

  • Must settle in Quebec
  • Max. 3 foreign individuals can submit the application
  • Business must be created and operated within Quebec
  • Must receive a service offer from either business accelerator, university entrepreneurship center or by a business incubator
  • Must have a business plan, how the business works and how it can be helpful

Stream 2

  • The Candidate is ready to settle Quebec
  • Individual must submit a start deposit along with security deposit to Canadian financial institutions established in Quebec
  • Individual must need to sign an agreement for deposit with the financial institutions
  • Business must be created, acquired or operated within Quebec
  • The startup deposit can be varying based on the location where an individual wants to establish a business. Outside Montreal the deposit can be lower than $ 20,000 CAD whereas in it can be around $30,000 CAD for the metropolitan area.
  • The security deposit will be refunded once the business plan and its operations are demonstrated.
  • Individual along with spouse must have at least $900,000 CAD as net worth which has been acquired legally.
  • The ownership of a business varies depending on the type. If the business is acquired then you must have to own and manage the 51% of its capital. If the business is created, you must own at least 25% of its capital.
  • The business must be in an operating state prior to five years of your date of application.

There are certain restrictions on the business. The business must not be involved in any of activities otherwise it may not be qualified.

  • Wage Loans, Trade in Loans or Cheque Cashing
  • Real Estate Development or Insurance Brokerage
  • Any products or services related to pornographic or sexually contents, nude dancing, escort services, messages

To qualify for this stream, candidate needs to meet below requirements.

  • Individual with spouse should have minimum $200,000 CAD legally acquired except donations
  • Wishing to settle in Quebec
  • Individual must need to sign an agreement for deposit with the financial institutions
  • Needs to make a 5 year agreement for $1,200,000 CAD for investment with Investissement Québec - Immigrants Investisseurs Inc.
  • Needs to have management experience for planning, managing or controlling financial, material resources.

Eligibility under this program can be defined as below:

  • Individual needs to create own job or do practicing with other immigrated candidates with or without any remunerated help
  • Needs to make a start up deposit with approved financial institutions
  • If individual decided to do practicing in your profession then the security deposit of $25,000 CAD should be made if it is outside of Montreal Metropolitan area otherwise the start up deposit of $50,000 CAD should be deposited.
  • Individual with spouse should have net worth o $100,000 CAD with legal acquisition
  • Minimum 2 years of experience is required as s self employed in the profession

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